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Gay porn is interestingly well-liked by right guys, in accordance with a present research

Gay porn is interestingly well-liked by right guys, in accordance with a present research

Although you may well not expect kid on child action become a winner among a hetero male demographic, research by Youporn informs a compelling story of right dudes getting their kicks from viewing same-sex couples have it on.

Based on Youporn, an astonishing 23 per cent of times, right guys view homosexual porn and 39 percent of that time period, self-identifying right females elect to view porn that is gay.

Maybe more confusingly, 24 % of “straight” men have really had sex that is gay while 36 % of “straight” ladies have experienced intercourse with an other woman, in line with the study.

So just why might men that are straight homosexual porn? We asked Radio 1’s sexpert that is resident Alix Fox, alongside a raft of health care professionals, including doctors to wellbeing coordinators, with regards to their ideas.

Works out you will find three reasons that are main…

1. Rebelling against sex stereotypes

One argument is the fact that same-sex relationships are aspirational while they don’t adhere to conventional sex stereotypes.

“Individuals in same-sex partners generally are far more equitable within the ways that they allocate domestic work, including childcare,” say Francisco Perales and Janeen Baxter through the University of Queensland.

“It’s interesting that an important amount of right guys view homosexual porn given that it appears so not likely,” describes Doctor Sam Miles, social technology researcher at London class of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

But, he reasoned: “If you might think about this, there’s no explanation why they wouldn’t. Some homosexual males view straight porn , so that it must not come as a shock that the reverse can be true.