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8 Must-Know sites for women that like women .

8 Must-Know sites for women that like women .

Whether you ve started in the scene for years or need only come out of the wardrobe (congrats), your ll wanna bookmark these best web pages for lesbians and bisexuals. From recommendations articles to must-know reports to pure entertainment, these 8 sites will entice any girl whom wants ladies. So, check out my selections to find the best websites for lesbians and bisexuals –and inform me which websites your ve already been stalking!

1 SheWired

One of the primary very top websites for lesbians and bisexuals I ve discovered is an arm of Here mass media, Inc. (subsidiaries are the Advocate, Out, and Here TV), this site produces respected, amusing discourse on dilemmas influencing the lesbian area along with extreme helping of activity. Therefore, if you re rooting for Callie + Arizona and like staying up-to-date on political problems, start thinking about joining the SheWired community!

2 Autostraddle

Each and every morning, I wake-up and inform me that nowadays s a single day we m NOT planning inspect autostraddle (I m never successful).